British by birth but Dutch by choice, I've been living and working in Amsterdam since 2006. My projects have covered everything from finance to food, sustainability to software, and tourism to trade. Whether it’s annual reports for a private bank or editorial management for a start-up city tours company, I can help you hone the perfect paragraph.

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"The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do” – thomas jefferson

Copywriting | Annual & CSR Reporting | Brand Communications

Eating Europe is a culinary tour company operating in ten cities. As content manager, I was responsible for all written content, including the company's websites, blog posts, newsletters, press releases, client brochures and so on.

Content consultancy


I've written articles for the NYT, Wall Street Journal, Guardian, Olive, Monocle, Forbes and Time Out. I've also contributed to several guidebooks to Amsterdam and the Netherlands, including the Rough Guide, Michelin Guide and Eyewitness Guide.

Annual and CSR reporting

Van Lanschot Kempen is a private wealth manager, offering services in private banking, asset management, merchant banking and more. I am responsible for writing the narrative chapters of their annual report, as well as their CSR supplement.

Hooghoudt is one of the oldest, most famous jenever distilleries in the Netherlands. As a branding specialist, I've crafted messaging for their labels, website, press materials and manifesto.

Brand communications

Editorial management

As managing editor of I amsterdam Magazine (Amsterdam's official tourist publication), I was responsible for commissioning articles, briefing writers, editing submissions and working with the designer to finalise the magazine using InDesign.


IDH is a Dutch NGO whose aim is to make commodities like tea, coffee and fresh produce more sustainable globally. As a CSR specialist, I've been editing their sustainability reports and annual plans for five years.

Using a blend of interviews and desk research, I write website and brochure copy about the Vrije Universiteit's many Bachelor's and Master's programmes to attract students to study in Amsterdam.


Need Dutch text?

While I only write professionally in English, I partner with the Dutch copywriting experts at Tekstwerf. If you're looking for high-quality Dutch content, or want to work on your Dutch and English messaging in tandem, contact: / 020 531 4233.


Interall produces promotional products, gifts and giveaways for companies. My role is to "trans-create" their copy from Dutch to English. Rather than a literal translation, I assimilate the Dutch messaging and recreate it for an English/international audience.



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